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praise for anti-social media

"Studded with bright, funny, and unexpected moments"

"Very funny"

Claire Symonds

Theatres Programmer and Producer, The Lowry

David Cunningham

Manchester Theatre Awards

A scratch performance written by Amie George

Directed by Kash Arshad

Anti-Social Media

Rogue Bones' madcap, irreverent, and poignant show examines the ways we try to control how we are viewed online. For most of us (if we're being honest!) our online life is different to our real one - we edit, highlight, or just plain lie. We try to be better, funnier, more successful, more attractive, happier.


Why do we do this? Does is actually make us feel better about ourselves? 

Or is it more damaging than we perhaps realise?


Anti-Social Media was first performed in the Lowry Theatre Studio, and then at Paines Plough's Roundabout.

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